Stone Fire Features

basaltFire2Fire features can take the chill off a cool night or light the way for weary travelers. Different styles and stones available to fit any need residential or commercial. Call for a consultation!


Stone Lights (Basalt or Limestone)

Basalt_J-LightsNatural stone lighting is a great way to light up any indoor or outdoor space with style and unique class. Stun visitors and light the way with these conversations starters. Many shapes and sizes, every item is one of a kind. Call for details and pricing!


Outdoor Showers

These amazing outdoor showers can stand the test of time and make a great addition to any outdoor space. Become one with the great outdoors today!


Thumb_Granite_Mailbox_with_AddressThese natural stone mailboxes can be built to order, and will not fall victim easily to vandals or the weather. A stone mailbox is a great way to protect important mail and is an enduring statement at the end of any driveway.


Stone Wine Racks

DSCN0690_2Nothing says classy like a natural stone wine rack. These great products come in all shapes and types of stone, and range from 3 bottles to 20. Call for availability and pricing!

wine rack1

Tables, Chairs & Benches

Green_GraniteMake your next outdoor gathering one to remember with a natural stone table or seat! These items make an enduring heirloom or a valuable property improvement that will never succumb to the elements like traditional wood seating can. We can customize any stone to fit your seating needs!


Custom Engraved Stone Signs

Thumb_Signs_10From commercial signs that incorporate water features, to a classy residential property marker we can customize any stone of any size to make the front of your business or home a unique experience for every visitor. Call today for details and a consultation!